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Innovative software, proven systems, highly-skilled design and installation

Innovative software, proven systems, highly-skilled design and installation

C-MAC advanced batch process control systems provide fast, effective and flexible solutions to the problems of batch process control across a wide range of industries.

The C-MAC combination of innovative software, proven computer systems and highly skilled, experienced design and installation engineers brings significant benefits. Your manufacturing process can be optimised to produce higher yields, improved quality and more consistent products in a safer, more environmentally friendly way.

The core of all C-MAC batch control solutions is C-quin, an extremely refined and efficient control package designed to run on industrial standard single board computers and utilising standard links to your plant for sensing and control. The core system is then tailored precisely to your plant by C-MAC engineers, working with your plant operators and process specialists. All plant components such as reaction vessels, pumps and valves together with their operating parameters are taken into account – a procedure that ensures maximum efficiency and operational safety in a way that no other off-the-shelf system can match.

In addition to C-quin, we provide via C-MAC COBRA a fully-supported batch record analysis system. For plants that are partially or entirely manual in operation, our C-MAC ManualPlant provides the major benefits of a more complex control system at a fraction of the cost.

Typical C-quin multi-stream system