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VAX Hardware Virtualization

Charon-VAX creates a virtual VAX environment on a standard Windows-based host system. Now companies can quickly, easily and safely phase out aging and increasingly expensive DEC hardware, and replace it with an enterprise-grade virtual VAX environment on an industry-standard Windows platform. No risky migration projects are required, and no changes to the original software (operating system, layered products, or applications) procedures, or handling have to be applied. Your end users will not even notice that the hardware platform has been replaced!

Charon-VAX creates a virtualized replica of the original VAX hardware, allowing the VAX/VMS operating system and software to remain working in their existing binary form. No changes to the original operating system, layered products or applications, procedures or handling have to be applied.

Charon-VAX Offers the Following Virtualized Hardware

The various models of the Charon-VAX family support the appropriate hardware for their architecture. For instance VAX 3600, MicroVAX II and similar systems support virtualized Q-Bus and Unibus devices. Other systems, such as the virtualized VAX 6000 series, support XMI and BI devices. Memory can be specified to the architectural limits of the virtualized systems.

Storage Subsystem

Charon-VAX supports both virtualized storage as well as physical storage. Physical storage is associated with local SCSI devices allocated to Charon-VAX. Virtual storage (container files) can reside on any storage subsystem presented to the host system. This can be local storage either SCSI, SATA, IDE or any other local storage (including USB). Additionally any network attached storage can be utilized that is supported by the host, including iSCSI, SAN, NAS, Samba/CIFS and NFS. Charon-VAX also supports OpenVMS Clustering.

Input / Output Subsystems

Charon-VAX provides a variety of networking and character terminal oriented interfaces. Charon-VAX virtualizes the Ethernet controllers present in the original VAX hardware. Any protocol that ran on these controllers (DECnet, TCP/IP, LAT) will run over a virtualized link.

License Transfer Options

Keep your OpenVMS operating system supported with a transfer license from HP. These licenses allow the transfer of OpenVMS operating system and layered product licenses to servers running the Charon-VAX environment, providing a continuation of the existing HP software warranty agreements. HP Services supports HP OpenVMS software on Charon products running on HP systems only.